We do not inherit the mountains from our ancestors,

we borrow them from our children

Our Family, Our Mountains, Your Guides

Los Amigos de Huayhuash is a family run tour company that leads multi-day hikes in the Cordillera Hauyhuash. We aim to provide our guests with an experience of a lifetime with an emphasis on leave no trace trekking. 

Siblings, Anamin, Abner, Alcides, Alec, and Adolfo Valdez and their families have been living in the Ancash region of Peru for generations. Their family home is in Chiquian, a small town in the Peruvian Andes which is the trekking trailhead for the stunning Cordillera Huayhuash. 

For many years, members of the Valdez had worked for Huaraz based agencies as guides, mule-drivers and cooks, expertly leading numerous groups around the various treks possible in Huayhuash. However, large, city-based agencies tend to charge tourists far too much and far too little of that money filters down to the local guides who do all of the hard work in the mountains.

In 2006, with the support of many happy past clients, the Valdez family formed Los Amigos de Huayhuash in order to work directly with their guests while leveraging their many years of experience.

Working directly with local companies like Los Amigos, travelers can rest assured that they will have a low impact on the environment, and their tourism dollars will stay in the local communities. 

Today, Anamin spends much of her time in Huraz coordinating the logistics and communicating with clients while her brothers lead the treks in the mountains.

Los Amigos de Huayhuash is a registered business with the Peruvian authorities. The family speaks English, Spanish, and German.

Meet the Valdez Family

Anamin - Los Amigos de Huayhuash


Anamin is fluent in English. While she loves the mountains and occasionally guides, she will be your main contact in Huaraz taking care of all the logistics.

Abner - Huayhuash guide


Abner is the oldest brother and has the most experience guiding in the mountains. He cooks, acts as guide, and occasionally will be the donkey driver.

Adolfo - Huayhuash trek leader


Adolfo speaks Spanish and English. He has been leading guides with Abner for over 5 years. 

Peruvian Mountain Guide Alcides


Alcides has been leading Huayhuash treks for many years, beginning with Abner shortly before they started Los Amigos

Peruvian Trekking Guide Alec


Alec is the youngest brother and newest addition to the family trekking buisiness

Typi - hiking horse in LLamac


The Valdez family's trusty emergency horse who happens to now be internet famous.  

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