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" I have never felt more energized, alive and at peace than I did this past September when my sister, boyfriend and I trekked the Huayhuash circuit with Los Amigos de Huayhuash. There is not one minute or detail of the intimate trek that I would change. I look forward to the day that I can be back in the untapped beauty of the Huayhuash Circuit and there is no doubt that I would choose Los Amigos de Huayhuash to lead me in the journey. We can’t thank you enough Abner and Anamin for making this trek perfect in every way! "

Giana Mazza - Denver, Colorado USA, August 2017


All of the hiking treks that are lead by Los Amigos de Huayhuash are custom deigned for each small group. Let us design the perfect trip for you!

We can work with you to accommodate the duration, difficulty level, and budget of your unique trip. Please note that we do cap the size of our groups. Keeping groups small ensures that impact on the environment will be minimal and it maximizes the individual experience. 

Some samples of the itineraries we build:

The Process

Fill out the form below and we'll be in touch. We will help you with all logistics. We recommend that all travelers spend at least two to three days in Huaraz acclimating to the extreme altitude of the Andes. While in Huaraz, Anamin will meet you to go over all the particulars of the trip, answer any questions you have and go over the logistics. We will arrange day trips to acclimating hikes such as Laguna 69, Wilcacocha, or other day hikes from Huaraz and spend one day in the local market procuring all of the food for your trek. 

The Experience

Hiking trips with Los Amigos de Huayhuash is an experience like no other. All you need to worry about is walking, everything else is handled for you. 

When we set out to start trekking, you will be joined by your guide as well as a support team which typically includes a donkey driver and a team of donkeys and or horse. Your guide will be with you every step of the way while your donkey driver will go ahead to make sure camp is set up for you when you arrive.


The terrain of the Huayhuash is rugged, beautiful, and diverse with altitudes ranging from 3,800 to 5,000 meters (12,467 to 16,400 feet) above sea level. When you set out to start hiking, we will ensure that the pace is set to a comfortable speed. Your guide will be with you every step of the way and will carry both lunch and snacks. We recommend that you carry your own water and make sure to have enough layers to accommodate changing weather.  


While you hike, your donkey driver will go ahead of you to ensure that camp is fully setup by the time you arrive.  Each individual or couple will have their own tent and your guide and donkey driver will setup a cooking/meal tent. The campsites in the Huayhuash have basic bathroom facilities and are near a water source. Some nights if you arrive early you can take a quick dip into the river or lakes next to camp before laying out to dry in the high elevation sun.


It is critical on a multi-day trek to make sure you are consuming enough calories to feel energized. In the evenings, your guide and donkey driver will prepare a post hike snack and a complete dinner. Every morning, they will prepare a full breakfast and boil your water for the day. Your guide will also cary your lunch and snacks for the day's trek. All of the food is prepared fresh and in a sanitary method. Our guests have raved about our food claiming it is gourmet camp food. The menu can been customized to your tastes.

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