​Mike and Anne, Ireland - Trekked in September 2007

We spent two weeks in Huayhuash in September / October 2007, completing the circuit. We found our guides, the Valdez Rivera brothers, via this website and are very pleased to recommend their services.

Our small party was led by Alcides, assisted by his brother Adolfo. Our meeting in Huaraz was warm and cheerful and augured well for our trip. Shopping for food was an experience in itself. Anne is vegetarian, but Alcides still managed to create wonderful meals on the trek. We stayed with the family at their house in Chiquian both before and after the trek, a real bonus and more welcoming than a hotel room.
The trek was wonderful, although the weather was more overcast due to the time of the year. Security has greatly improved since our previous visit in 2002, the local communities manage their own valleys. Alcides and Adolfo were great guides, knowing the mountains intimately and judging our abilities correctly (we are nearly 60). We learnt to master horse riding, becoming good friends with Sultan and were at times grateful to take a rest from walking. Alcides acquired a young domesticated vicuña named Kennedy who accompanied us back to Chiquian and added to the fun.

Although another brother Abner speaks a reasonable amount of English, we did start off with some language difficulties. But this added to the experience, our Spanish improving rapidly and Alcides making progress in English, until we could hold conversations on some quite complex topics.
Finally, price. It was definitely very competitive, much cheaper than agencies charge and probably a bit less than we paid in 2002. They are worth a generous tip. Would we use them again? Certainly!


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