​Nancy and her husband - Trekked in July 2008

My husband and I used the services of the Valdez brothers in July of 2008 to do an eight-day trek in the Huayhuash. We also found out about the brothers through this website and are very happy to be able to recommend their services. 

The brothers were professional, friendly and well organized. From the very first contact, I was impressed with how quickly Abner responded to my emails which made the process of trip planning quite easy.
We met Abner in Huaraz to go over our final route and to go food shopping. Later that afternoon, we got on a bus to make the trip to Chiquian. I would definitely recommend staying the night before the trek at the Valdez house in Chiquian. I'm sorry that we weren't able to complete the full loop and return there for a Pachamanca (next time, we hope!).
From Chiquian, we headed off on our trek accompanied by Alcides and Adolfo, their younger brother. We had a wonderful time and were extremely happy with the service that Alcides and Adolfo provided. They were friendly and knowledgeable about the area and we had many interesting after-dinner discussions. I was also impressed at how they cared for their animals and also how they did not leave garbage at the camp-sites like so many of the other guides. I was happy to have Rigel the mule along as he gave me a ride a few times up the passes. I also have to mention that you will not suffer in the nutrition department if you go hiking with Alcides. He is an excellent cook and we had many delicious meals. The most memorable was fresh trout and French fries. I've never seen anyone make French fries on a camping trip before!
I would not hesitate to recommend a trip to the Huayhuash to anyone in good shape who likes being outdoors. We chose to do only the route between Llamac and Cajatambo due to time constraints and would love to go back to complete the full loop. When we return, we will definitely do so with the Valdez brothers!


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